Coming Soon


The next feature that will be launching on our platform will be the LiveFeed feature. The LiveFeed will be like a chat room, with a wall, where all the latest content and information to do with the esports community and recent happens will be published in a live setting, that is contantly updateing with community and external published articles, discussions, videos, competitions, you name it, it will be there. No longer will you need to actually scroll down a feed for new content to appear, with the LiveFeed you will be able to have access to all of the most interesting things about esports all at once and updateing constantly. You’ll be kept constantly entertained and stimiulated by this interesting and stimulating product that can really help out gamers to get more out of the online community.

Not only will the LiveFeed be integrated with other websites through Google, it will also be a part of the SKADAP.COM community offering with special community based updates being available with live chat and many additional customisations and features. We hope you are exited about SKADAP’s LiveFeed feature and we look forward to being able to provide it for you in the coming months. We will update the Coming Soon section of the SKADAP.COM community and business website when we have an accurate timeframe for the LiveFeed inhouse development, so stay tuned and remember to register to SKADAP.COM now!